Do Compound Pharmacies Pose a Danger?

Playing When Compound Pharmacies Make Mistakes It Can Be Deadly

The Doctors discuss if patients should be concerned about medications made in a compound pharmacy?

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A compound pharmacy is a facility where the pharmaceutical product is made to fit the unique needs of a patient. The Doctors share compound pharmacy errors that have reportedly been linked to 114 deaths and more than 1400 cases of infection or injury from 2001 to 2017.

Physician and biochemist Dr. Dena Grayson feels there is not enough oversight for these facilities. "[Some] are being driven by greed. They are putting profits over patient safety," she says, acknowledging that most pharmacies do great safe work, but notes the "few bad apples" can lead to serious and sometimes deadly consequences for patients.

The Doctors feel the problems might arise due to the different regulations from state to state. Dr. Gayson agrees and calls for federal-level regulations for compound pharmacies.

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Compounding pharmacist Mike Pavlovich says his facility and others are able to solve many problems for patients who do not respond to commercially available medications. He notes his facility undergoes consistent checks and has been visited by The FDA. 

The Doctors say that patients must reply on their physician to work with an ethical and properly vetted compounding pharmacy, which a state's pharmacy board is tasked with monitoring. Mike notes the website of a state pharmacy board is a good place for a patient to check to ensure they are going to a certified and accredited facility. The Doctors note that the majority of compound pharmacies produce safe and effective products.


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