DIY Piercing Gun? Detox Tea for Your Teeth?

Playing DIY Piercing Guns & Tooth Detox Tea: Buzz or Bust?

Buzz or buzz… The Doctors answer that question about two new health and beauty trends. The first is a DIY piercing gun that is available online and in beauty stores. The claim to fame is you can pierce anything that can fit in the gun. But should you?!

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says this is a bust and then shows a video of a girl getting the gun stuck in her nose! Dr. Batra says the concern is you could pierce cartilage, you could set up inflammation and infection, and you may be using the wrong type of studs. In controlled settings, hypoallergenic sterile surgical steel is used but with a device like this, it may not be. Also, a lot of people, especially Asians and African Americans, could develop itchy, out of control keloids by using this. No thanks!

The Doctors then invite dentist Dr. Sako Karakozian to review the next item: a tea claiming to reduce cavities. “It’s a fantastic idea in theory, not so good in practice,” says Dr. Sako who gave this a bust.

The tea claims to help with cavities because it contains xylitol, an alternative to artificial sweeteners and actual sugar. It helps to decrease the chance of cavities because bacteria can’t digest it and it will also increase salivary rates so it will wash stuff away, however, there are so many other bad habits and foods people have that contribute to cavities.

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“You get the impression drinking this tea is going to reduce cavities all together and that’s just not true unless this tea is the only thing you ever drink,” says Dr. Sako. It’s too bad because The Doctors all comment on how tasty it is!