Dirty Kitchen Spot You Might Be Ignoring!

Playing Have You Ever Cleaned the Faucet Nozzle in Your Kitchen?

You might be scrubbing and wiping your kitchen counters and floor... but The Doctors warn you might be missing a spot that can be filled with germs!

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares that the aerator inside your sink faucet, which acts as a filter of sorts, can get gunky and filled with things like hard water deposits, bacteria, and fungus -- definitely not something you want coming into contact with the water you use to clean your dishes.

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Also, The Doctors note that many people use the kitchen sink as their source of drinking water, which makes cleaning this area so important.

They suggest cleaning this part of the faucet every so often and say a simple scrub and rinsing with white vinegar will help keep it clean.

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If you have been ignoring your faucet aerator, you are not alone, Dr. Travis admits that he also forgets to clean this part of the kitchen, but vows to be more diligent about it.


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