Is a Digital Tracker for Medications Helpful or Harmful?

Playing Can a Pill Track If You Are Taking Your Meds?

The Doctors discuss the FDA-approved device which tracks if and when patients take medications, but could there be any downsides to this?

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They like that the device could be used to help patients who are dealing with mental health issues like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression remember to take their medications, along with people who recently had surgery manage their various meds. They also believe it could help the elderly population keep on top of taking their medications.

While they see benefits of such a device, they also note the possibility of a device like this being used to infringe on someone's privacy.

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Currently, a patient using such a device is able to control whether their meds are being tracked and The Doctors feel as long as the patient stays in control of that device, this could be very helpful in ensuring that patients are medication compliant.