Did Man Who Wanted to Become a Gender-less Alien Remove His Genitals?

Playing Can a Person Become Genderless Using Plastic Surgery?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors take a look back at Vinny, who has spent tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and other alterations to his appearance in an effort to become a genderless alien.

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“Starting my journey to become this genderless, sexless alien was brought about because in my communities, in the queer and gay community and the trans community, I found myself not really connecting with either," he said during his appearance on The Doctors. Adding, “I’ve looked into removing my genitals completely with different doctors, like a sexual unassignment. No nipples, I’ve looked into removing my belly button, just to give it that sci-fi, sexy kind of like look.”

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He also revealed that he had considered having the genital removal procedures done overseas, but also acknowledged that he had reservations about going through such a drastic surgery.


In a video Q&A he shared online, Vinny was sheepish about revealing whether he had gone through with the procedure to remove his genitals, and told his fans, "You can find out by looking into my journey and following later."

Also in the video, he said he planned to have more cosmetic procedures including work on his lips, cheeks, ears, nose, and butt. See more of Vinny on his journey via his social media page, here.