A Device That Lets You Feel Messages Through Your Skin!

Playing Feel a Push Notification through Your Skin?

The Doctors discuss new technology that Facebook is developing; a wearable device that lets you feel messages through your skin. It's called a transcutaneous language communication device and initially, The Doctors feels this is technology going too far! However, dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra explains this may be useful for some people with disabilities.

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Dr. Batra says this is currently a prototype and it is meant to go on the forearm. The device vibrates to transmit sounds called phonemes, which are universal to languages and through vibration can transmit messages. In research studies at MIT, participants were able to learn about 100 words in only an hour and a half. Dr. Batra says the intention is not to interrupt your day but rather it may have application for those who are blind or deaf.

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ER physician expert Dr. Travis Stork argues, asides for the disabled who may need this, how is this not disruptive if it is happening hundreds of times per day. OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry brings up a concern, from a health perspective, can this be harmful? She would want to see long-term studies on this device to know if it would have any lasting health effects.

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