Detect 8 Types of Cancer with a Blood Test?

Playing Breakthrough Blood Test Detects 8 Different Types of Cancer?

Is detecting cancer about to get a lot easier?

The Doctors welcome oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro to discuss a new blood test which researchers say can detect up to 8 different types of the disease.

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Dr. Piro says he is very excited about the test explaining it looks for cancer-causing genes in DNA which come from cells in tumors and also tests for biomarkers for cancer. When these two aspects are combined, the test produces an algorithm that can possibly predict cancer in someone who has no symptoms.

In a study of over 1,000 people, the test successfully predicted the presence of cancer in 70 percent of cases.

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Dr. Piro explains that wide use of this test will be “quite a ways off” as a test group of 10,000 people is next.

“I feel that the results are so positive that they will hold up in the larger test,” he adds, calling this new testing “a huge step forward over what we have today.” He also notes that 5 of the 8 types of cancer this test looks for do not currently have a test, and this could help detect these possibly deadly cancers earlier than ever before.