A Designated Driver Who Was Only 11 Years Old!?

Playing 11-Year-Old Designated Driver?!

The Doctors are fans of having a designated driver, but only when the driver is legally old enough to drive!

They discuss the case of man who allegedly allowed his 11-year-old nephew to drive while he was reportedly under the influence. The man was reportedly arrested for felony child endangerment and having an open alcohol container.  The man was also allegedly high on amphetamines.

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“You’re endangering the child and at the same time putting them in a situation where the child… could cause an accident that kills not only himself, his uncle and other individuals. The child is the innocent victim,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says of the case. “So many bad things could have happened here. If they had not been pulled over.”

Judge Mary Chrzanowski, also known as "Scary Mary," says cases like these “are not uncommon.”

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She explains that parents who put their child in the custody of someone who is under the influence could be at risk of child endangerment as well.

The Doctors recommend that if you see a driver who is driving recklessly to call 911 as it could save their life and the lives of others.