Daycare Worker Allegedly Ties Up Babies?

Playing Daycare under Fire after Child Is Tied Up?

Parents Deirdre and Jonathon join The Doctors to share the story of their infant who was allegedly tied up in a blanket and placed in a crib at their daycare center. 

Deirdre says they were on vacation when they received a phone call from DCF that there was an issue at the daycare that may concern their daughter. The photo of their infant tied up was hard for Deirdre to believe. She said her daughter looked so comfy, that you could tell she had been there before.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork looks at a photo of another child tied up on their stomach and points out the risk of suffocation and SIDS. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon adds just how important the positioning of infants is. They’re not meant to be restrained that severely and never should be left on their stomachs for extended periods of time.

The Doctors ask the couple if they vetted the daycare prior to sending their daughter, and they said they did. Deirdre said someone who used to work there told her about how much training they had to go through and recommended it. They also visited the daycare before joining. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry asks them if looking back, were there any red flags?

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Jonathon said there was just one woman whose overall demeanor rubbed him the wrong way when he would drop the baby off in the morning. He said she was always very short and not warm and inviting but he didn’t think anything of it because “there’s plenty of people I don’t like that are still good at their jobs.” 

Dr. Ordon reminds parents it’s so important to do their vetting. He suggests visiting the daycare center even if it’s unannounced to check and see how they take care of the kids. Dr. Travis adds that more and more centers are now providing live streams so you could see your child all day long. 

Dr. Nita adds that every single person working at a center should have a background check. She tells parents that even if they do everything right, unfortunately, this can still happen, so it’s important to not dismiss your intuition. “If you feel like something isn’t right, take your baby somewhere else.”