Darryl Strawberry Opens up about Overcoming Addiction

Playing Darryl Strawberry: Celebrity 911

Baseball Hall of Famer and 4-time World Series champ Darryl Strawberry previously appeared on The Doctors, where he opened up about his addiction battles and how he managed to pick up the pieces of his life.

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The baseball legend, who also battled cancer two separate times, credited the turning of his life around to a higher power. “I completely surrendered and my life has been transformed by the power of God. I tried everything else… and I got serious about my relationship with God and found my purpose,” he said.

He told us that having the help of his loved ones, particularly his wife, helped him successfully overcome his substance abuse issues.

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“I don’t think [anyone] can do it alone, a lot of times people think they can. You need help. You need people that can speak up and care about you and my wife was a major part of my turnaround. I’m blessed to have her,” he continued.

The former baseball star now operates the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center, where he helps others battling addiction. 

“A person can recover. My wife pulled me out of dope houses. I was shooting dope and smoking crack. Today, I'm a pastor. Today, I have a ministry. Today, I have treatment centers...People’s lives matter, people need to understand that," he previously shared with us.