The Dangers of Smoking Seen Like Never Before

Playing Trying to Quit Smoking?

The Doctors discuss a viral video that shows just how unhealthy smoking can be!

A man recreated what smoking a pack of cigarettes can do to the lungs and throat with a jar filled with cotton and plastic tubing and he filmed the experience of consuming an entire pack. After going through the cigarettes, the cotton balls in the glass turned yellow and brown and the tube was coated with a sticky tar substance.

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The Doctors feel this video is highly effective at showing what smoking can do to your body and note that smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and nearly 500,000 people die from smoking every year.

"Every time you smoke a cigarette, you have to ask yourself -- is it worth the potential agony of years and years of shortness of breath,"  ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, noting that it also affects your heart as well as your lungs.

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If you are having trouble quitting, The Doctors suggest speaking with your healthcare provider for help.