The Dangers of Edible Marijuana

Playing Edible Marijuana Dangers?

Now that marijuana is legal in many states, both recreationally and medicinally, many people are experiencing the effects of ingesting too much via edibles.

Doctors Executive Assistant Terry is all too aware of this issue as she accidentally drank a marijuana-infused lemonade.

She tells us after drinking the lemonade, she first felt tired, had trouble walking and says the room began to wobble. The next morning -- after she passed out -- she was told she had consumed 4 servings worth of cannabis-infused lemonade. She tells The Doctors that she felt high for nearly 24 hours and then felt exhausted after she came down from the high.

We also profiled a 53-year-old dad, who accidentally ingested four pot brownies. He says he found the 4 pot brownies in the back of his car, which were left there by his adult children. He reportedly ate all 4 of them and had no idea they were made with marijuana. The edibles caused him to reportedly crawl around on the floor and yell at the family cat.

The Doctors note that edibles can often contain strong THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) oil, which is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects. They suggest if you are ingesting edibles to be careful not to leave them laying around as this can be dangerous not only for adults but also young children.

Find out what The Doctors think about multiple products on the market that claim to counteract the effects of the marijuana, in the video below.