Dangerous Teen Camp Warning Signs

Playing Drs. Investigate: Torture Camps for Troubled Teens?

With summer fast approaching, some parents might be considering sending their children to summer camp or even possibly a program aimed at correcting or improving behavior. But during our recent investigation into camps for troubled teens, we spoke to 3 women who survived stays in various camps which they said were "torture."

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The Doctors spoke to Liz, who said conditions were so bad at her camp for troubled teens that she attempted to take her own life while there. Liz is now a therapist who exclusively treats people from the troubled teen industry and shares potential red flags for parents to look for when selecting a program for their child.

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According to Liz, potential dangerous warning signs include:

  • Interrupted communication between parent and child
  • Not having medical personnel on-site
  • The camp not providing credentials for their employees
  • If program participants are responsible for enforcing rules and treatment
  • If the camp claims to be able to diagnose your child's issues via an online quiz

More information on possible warnings signs when considering a residential placement for a child or adolescent can be found here.