Daily Self-Care Tips Made Easy!


With work, family, school, relationships, and children -- not to mention the COVID -19 pandemic -- it is easy to forget how to best take care of yourself. 

The Doctors love these self-care tips from Real Simple that are easy to incorporate into your daily life and will help you feel better and hopefully succeed. We suggest not worrying about practicing all of these tips every day, but to be mindful of at least 1 each day.

Focus on being compassionate to others, but first, with yourself. One approach is to only speak to yourself in a way that you would speak to others and try to eliminate negative self-talk.

Eat plenty of healthy food to properly nourish your body. Of course, indulging occasionally is okay, but try to make the treat the exception and not the norm. Also, consider stocking your kitchen with healthy food options to avoid falling off the food deep-end -- and get all of the healthy and tasty recipes seen on The Doctors!

Sleep! Proper and adequate quality is sleep is vital to your overall health. Real Simple suggests in addition to setting an alarm to wake up, set an alarm to alert yourself on when to go to bed.

Log your gratitude. Keep track of the things in your life you are grateful for, which can help remind you of the aspects of your life that are going well even during those especially stressful moments. If you do not want to journal, use the notes app on your phone.

Find your daily moments of calm. If you are feeling excess negative thoughts, allow yourself a few moments alone to center yourself, maybe try deep breathing with your eyes closed, meditate, or go on a walk and soak up the power of nature.

Know your limits and stick to them. Setting boundaries with others and saying "no" can be hard, but this is vital to proper self-care. Mental health experts note that not setting boundaries can lead to resentment, anger, and cause someone to feel like they're not living their own life. 

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