This Cute Behavior May Make Your Dog Aggressive

Playing A Dog Befriends a Brick!?

Does your dog seem attached to a particular shoe, stuffed animal or even, a brick? The Doctors discuss with veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward that cute attachment to an inanimate object may be dangerous for both dogs and those around them.

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Sunny is a one-year-old dog whose best friend is a brick that the owners put down to keep the carpet from curling up. The owners share photos of Sunny sleeping with the brick and say that he also plays with it, kisses it, chews with it… Sunny and his brick are inseparable! It may look cute but Dr. Edward says this attachment could cause Sunny to become possessive aggressive and possibly attack someone if they try to remove the brick.

This attachment for Sunny, or any dog with a favorite item, could cause the dog to develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Owners should work to retrain their dog, teaching that the dog doesn't need the object and attaching a negative association with it. This is often done using treats. Dr. Edward says introduce a treat to the dog, praise them when they eat it, and then slowly try to ease the object, like the brick, away.

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Dr. Edward points out when dogs become obsessive it is dangerous to others, especially small children, who may grab at the dog’s object and end up getting attacked. It looks like it’s time for Sunny to say goodbye to his beloved brick.

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