Curing Major Diseases with Sound Alone?!

Playing Can Sounds Cure A Fever or Diarrhea?

The Doctors discuss the claims of homeopathic websites which say sound can heal all that ails you. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork agrees in that certain sounds and instruments can reduce stress but ailments like malaria, typhoid, autism and ADHD? This is going too far.

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There are readily available audio files online you can find that promise great results and The Doctors play one such file for the viewers to hear. "That sounds more like diarrhea than curing diarrhea!" plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon jokes. Dr. Travis says it sounds like his white noise machine, again, acknowledging there are some benefits to using music and sound therapy.

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He says he has a problem with "paying a 'doctor' money to give you a specific sound that's supposed to cure 'autism' is ridiculous." OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry jumps in saying these are dangerous claims. If someone is being told to use sound instead of medication, it can harm the patient. The Doctors all have a problem with this, as does the California Medical Board.

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