Crazy Internet Hack Claiming to Make Your Breasts Bigger!

Playing Will Vaseline and Toothpaste Make Your Breasts Bigger?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Reyna asks The Doctors on Facebook about an online hack her cousin tried out hoping to make her breast bigger. Reyna says her cousin applied Vaseline on her breasts and toothpaste on her nipples and left them overnight. Now, her boobs are hurting and she has bumps on her nipples. Reyna wants to know if this will cause future damage to the breast.

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The Doctors are perplexed; who comes up with these crazy hacks?! No, Vaseline and toothpaste will not make your breast bigger! Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra actually looked up this technique online and found so many videos about it! She explains in addition to the Vaseline and the toothpaste women are also massaging their breast for about a half hour. Dr. Batra guesses the logic behind this. Maybe the massage increases blood flow and slightly strengthens the pectoral muscles, improving breast volume?

Dr. Batra thinks the bumps on Reyna’s cousin’s nipple are an irritant contact dermatitis. Luckily, there is no permanent damage to her breasts.  

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Dr. Batra notes this topic of increasing breast size must be of interest since a quarter of a million women in the U.S. had a breast augmentation last year which is up 30% from 2000. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon agrees that this is a popular surgery. You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation if:

  • You never developed and are a small A-cup
  • You have two different sized breasts 
  • You’ve had children and have lost volume and support after breastfeeding

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