This Couple Turned Their Pain into a Party for the Homeless

Playing Couple Turns Their Pain into Help for Homeless Kids

Mary and Ari were a couple looking to give back after suffering two miscarriages. They found that through their charity, Worthy of Love, which throws massive rooftop birthday parties for homeless children on Los Angeles' skid row. Skid row is an area of Los Angeles which has more than 25,000 homeless people living on the streets in less than half a square mile.

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Mary and Ari join The Doctors, who find their work so impressive, especially, the number of parties they throw: one per month, every month, for the past five years. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks how they have grown over time. Mary says when they first started, they had 15 children at their party. She purchased decorations and food from a dollar store using her own money. It was an awesome party but lacked music. 

Now, with the help of donations and volunteers, the parties have DJs, photo booths, and over 200 children! Ari even dresses as their mascot, "Skiddy Cat!"

If you're inspired and want to get involved, you can visit the Worthy of Love website. Mary says if you know of a shelter in need of birthday parties, let them know. "We can come to you!" she says. Also, you can donate to the charity here

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The next party they are planning is especially meaningful to them; the couple eventually did have a baby and her first birthday is coming up soon. They'll be celebrating that with another large birthday party for the children of Skid Row. In lieu of gifts, they've asked everyone to donate towards the party.