Coronavirus: The Doctors' Guide to Protect Your Health and Family during the Pandemic

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As the world changes with the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemicThe Doctors have all the vital information needed to help protect your health and family from the virus. Plus, we share tips on how to adjust to working from home, social distancing, parenting during the pandemic, and Dr. Travis Stork and our fellow experts and share their knowledge and advice.

Coronavirus and Your Health

The Doctors share the latest tips and guidelines on how to protect your health and minimize your risk of getting the virus.

Preventative Actions for Avoiding the Virus

Dr. Travis on Proper Hand-Washing to Reduce Coronavirus Spread

Protecting Yourself against Coronavirus: Dos and Don'ts

Dr. Travis Stork Warns Coronavirus is a Long-Term Issue

Is It Coronavirus...Or Springtime Allergies?

Dr. Travis Stork on Face Masks During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Vaccine Testing Begins in First U.S. Patients

Infectious Disease Expert Shares Coronavirus Warnings and a Sliver of Hope

Coronavirus: Are Some Blood Types More Susceptible?

Coronavirus Solutions with Dr. Brad Spellberg

Immunity-Boosting Tips during Coronavirus Social Distancing

Dr. Travis Shares Personal Message about Coronavirus Pandemic

Protecting Your Family and Home during the Pandemic

Learn about the best ways to reduce the risk of spreading the virus at home, and among your family and loved ones. Plus, we share tips on parenting, cooking, and senior care in the midst of the pandemic.

Cleaning Tips to Combat Viruses

Coronavirus Panic Buying Explained & What To Do Instead

How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Pet

Parents' Guide to Coronavirus Quarantine Survival

3 Easy Meals to Prep during Coronavirus Quarantine

Positive Coronavirus Coping Strategies For Your Toddler

5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Coronavirus Coping Tips & Resources for Seniors

Dr. Travis Stork on Why Certain Populations are Getting Hit Harder by Coronavirus

Coping Tips for Stress during Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 is creating new types of rules on how we live, work, and interact -- along with with new types of stress and anxiety that most have never experienced. The Doctors share our best tips and resources on how to best cope during these uncharted times.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Work-From-Home Tips

Lacey Stone's 7 At-Home Workout Moves to Kick Quarantine Blues!

Social Distancing: How to Still Practice Acts of Kindness

Coronavirus Spiral? Ground Yourself with the 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

Dr. Travis Stork on Why We Need to Respect Coronavirus, But We Don't Have to Panic

3 Ways to Combat Coronavirus Stress and Anxiety

8 Moves to Keep You Toned at Home

Dr. Travis Stork and Illusionist Criss Angel Chats on Optimism in a Time of Coronavirus

Plus, find out which celebrities, athletes and leaders have tested positive for coronavirus.

*Stay informed on the latest information on the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization and learn about prevention methods and what to do if you are infected.

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Playing Dr. Travis Stork on Proper Hand-Washing to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus


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