Coronavirus: How Going to Restaurants Will Change after They Reopen

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As more areas of the country reopen, you might be wondering how going to a restaurant will change now that coronavirus/COVID-19 is a part of our lives.

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HuffPo spoke to restaurant owners, chefs, and managers, who shared their thoughts about what going out to eat at a restaurant will involve, and here are some things to keep in mind:

Do not expect every restaurant's dining room to open right away- Some restaurants will continue to keep their dining areas closed due to seating layout and whether or not they are able to create enough distance between customers. HuffPo notes many establishments will continue to focus on to-go orders to ensure customer and employee safety.

Social distancing will continue - The inside of your favorite restaurant could look very different. The eateries HuffPo spoke to explained this safety precaution will continue to be practiced with their guests, employees, and vendors, and noted barstools would be removed from bar areas and the traffic flow of how people moved around inside the restaurant would be different. Also, one restaurant owner explained that guests will be required to wear masks when not at their table, and large groups of 10 or more people will not allowed at 1 table. 

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Expect more outdoor dining when possible - Eating outside could make social distancing easier and put customers more at ease not having to be in an enclosed space.

Delivery and curbside pickup will continue - HuffPo reports that many places that never had this option prior to the pandemic will continue with this service and reports that many restaurants, who might have shied away from using third-party delivery services before, will continue to embrace them going forward.

Restaurants employee will have regular health screenings and wear protective gear - Measures like taking employee temperatures before they begin working and the use of gloves and face masks are expected to be the standard going forward. Some restaurants are even using carts to bring the food to guests and then the guest is expected to pick up the plates of food and drinks and place them on their tables.

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