Cool down the Right Way after a Workout

Playing Drs. Rx: Post-Workout Cool down Tips

You might be very dedicated to your workout routine, but are you devoting enough time and care to your cool down? Certified personal trainer and expert Massy Arias joins The Doctors and demonstrates how to safely cool down and stretch your body after breaking a sweat.

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Massy shares that stretching is vital after a workout, and she recommends the following post-workout routine:

  • Start with neck circles, making sure to rotate all the way around, and then reverse the motion.
  • Then stretch your arms in a circular motion, raising it above the head. She says to follow your hand as it moves with your eyes and to repeat this motion twice. She notes this move can be helpful after a workout and also when you first wake up in the morning.
  • Next, rotate your hips (as if you're using a hula hoop) numerous times.
  • Follow this with a hamstring scoop, to lengthen the leg muscles.
  • If possible, pull your knee to your chest and then stretch your quad muscles.
  • Lastly, end with a deep breathe as you raise your arms towards the sky.

Massy says that stretching and allowing your body to properly cool down helps repair the body and may help you avoid injuring yourself.

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As always, consult with your doctor or medical provider when starting a new fitness routine.


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