THIS Cooking Method Gives You the Healthiest Potatoes

Playing Drs. Rx: Does How You Cook Your Potatoes Affect Its Nutrition?

Potatoes, especially sweet potatoes, are full of nutritional benefits. They contain vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, iron and not to mention, taste pretty good! The Doctors share how you cook a potato can actually affect how healthy it is.

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A recent study says there is a hierarchy when it comes to how you prepare your potato. The study subjected various potatoes to three cooking methods—baking, steaming and microwaving—to test how it affected the potato’s glycemic index. The glycemic index reflects how much your blood is going to show sugar levels. The preparation that caused the highest blood sugar spike was baking! Second, came steaming, and microwaving was the winner with the lowest glycemic index of the three.

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If you are watching your blood sugar levels opt for microwave cooking. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra explains that with sweet potatoes, in particular, the more time the potato is cooked the more the starches get converted to sugar. Therefore, the microwave is the fastest of those cooking mechanisms. Another option for peak nutritional benefit is to use the sweet potato uncooked in a salad or a smoothie. 

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