Combat Those Stubborn Bat Wings with Celebrity Trainer Jen Widerstrom

Playing Batwing-Banishing Workout!

The Doctors sent three guests to tone up with Shape magazine fitness director Jen Widerstrom. All three women hate their bat wings (fat on the lower part of the arm) and want to banish them!

Jen shows Krisna, Kizia and Deja a workout routine that combats that trouble zone. Using dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a resistance band, the women learn moves that they can do all on their own.

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Krisna says the workout was intense but in a good way. Kizia is happy that she can do it at home as opposed to having to go to a gym. Deja says there was a lot of sweat but it was quick and effective! All three woman say they will continue doing it without Jen there.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra points out that the batwing area is often one women neglect. Jen believes this is just because women don’t know what to do to tone it. 

Dr. Batra points out the concern some women may have with upper body work, fearing they’ll bulk up. “Your body is smarter than you are,” meaning these exercises will shape your body in the best way for that particular area. Jen says her big muscles are genetic and part of her DNA. She says women as a whole need to embrace their own DNA and the genetics of their bodies. 

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Jen gives one more bonus exercise for viewers to do at home over a commercial break. Check that out as well as all of Jen’s moves for batwings in the video at the top!