Coach Mike Shares the Secret to Being Your Best Self!

Playing How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

Mike Bayer aka Coach Mike joins The Doctors to discuss how you can be your best self. Life coach and author of the book “Best Self: Be You, Only Better,” Mike says his calling is to help people find the freedom to be their best selves. He has compiled in his book the last 15 years of “magic” working with his clients.

Coach Mike sits down with OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry to share his secrets for being our best self. “My secret for anyone becoming the best version of themselves is enhancing those parts of themselves that are working for them and strengthening them, and decreasing those parts of themselves that are just not working for them anymore.”

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As a coach, Mike helps people to identify the problem, break down the barriers, and get the life they deserve. He says they do this by setting and achieving goals. Mike has broken down all aspects of living your best life using the Seven SPHERES. These are:

S: Social
P: Personal
H: Health
E: Education
R: Relationships
E: Employment
S: Spirituality

These seven spheres encompass everything in our lives. Today, Mike focuses on the health sphere. He says if this sphere is off, so will every other one. John, who lost 200 pounds in 18 months by using Mike’s plan, joins the discussion. 

John shares that he is constantly improving himself. After years of yo-yo dieting, he made the conscious decision to get gastric sleeve surgery. This, he says, was his catalyst to set forth a brand-new self. Mike actually opens up the health chapter of his book by sharing John’s full story!

For others who are struggling, John advises them to just commit. “Give yourself over and have hope that it’s all going to come out positive in the end. Every single one of those aspects [of the seven SPHERES], without health for me, I could not approach any of those parts of my life because I was stuck… By fixing one thing, like focusing on the strengths, I had the wherewithal to have a decision and stick with it.”

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Coach Mike says the way to take those steps on the journey is to ask for help. The Doctors want to help! John has been frustrated with excess skin as a result of his weight loss. The Doctors got in touch with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie who has offered to remove the excess skin, free of charge!