Is a Clicking Jaw a Health Concern?

Playing Is Jaw Clicking Something to Worry About?

Could your clicking jaw be causing damage to your mouth?

The Doctors are joined by cosmetic dentist expert Dr. Laurence Rifkin to answer a Drs. staffer question from Karly, who explains she is worried her clicking might be causing permanent damage. She says it feels like "little bones are crushing" when her jaw clicks.

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Dr. Rifkin says this is a common issue for many of his patients and is usually not something to worry about. He explains a clicking jaw could be due to trauma from an injury, possibly osteoarthritis, or a "bad bite" where the teeth and the jaw do not align properly.

Dr. Rifkin says the best approach is to undergo a proper diagnosis from a medical professional to determine if the issue is serious or, as it was in Karly's case, minor.

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He says one way to treat a clicking jaw is to try relaxing the jaw muscles through stretching. He also suggests limiting your caffeine intake before sleeping, which tends to cause jaw clenching while sleeping. Dr. Rifkin also says wearing a nightguard can help this issue.

In some cases, patients can find relief with Botox injection in the jaw muscles.



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