Child's Battle with Rare Moyamoya Disease

Playing Parents Shocking New Reality after Their 3-Year-Old Suffered a Stroke

Actors William Lee and Jennifer Beaumont Lee spend their days portraying fictional characters, but their lives got all too real when their 3-year-old son Cash suffered a sudden stroke and they were left unsure what caused it.

Jennifer says she noticed her son was not able to do things with the right side of the body, like pick up his water bottle. When she took him to the hospital, she was told Cash had a stroke. He underwent a slew of tests, and at one point it was believed he had CNS vasculitis and they were told he would need chemotherapy. After Cash received chemo and had another stroke, Jennifer and Lee got a second opinion.

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Cash was then diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, a rare progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries. They were told their son needed immediate surgery on his brain.

Joining The Doctors, Jennifer and Lee explain Cash underwent double bypass brain surgery. Lee says the first round of surgery went as good as it could have, but during the second round, their son had a seizure and Cash stopped talking for a few days. They feared he might never speak again.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Yiping Li, who works closely with the neurosurgeon who operated on Cash, says unfortunately many in the medical field are not very aware of Moyamoya disease and he says it is often underdiagnosed. He says at their facility they see many misdiagnosed patients like Cash. Dr. Li notes many patients live very normal lives, free from strokes, after undergoing surgery.

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Thankfully, Cash's surgery was successful and he's now a happy and healthy 6-year-old and joins the show telling The Doctors he's doing "good."

Jennifer suggests to other parents facing a health scare with their child, "Trust your gut and don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion, a third opinion, and a fourth opinion, if you still feel like something is missing."


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