Check Out These Festive Fourth of July Recipes

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Hosting this independence day just got easier with this recipe roundup. 

On a hot celebratory day it's important to stay hydrated, but your guests might also be excited to try a delicious margarita courtesy of our friends at Hot Mess Kitchen, or a few healthy cocktail options, and here's the perfect refreshing stress-blaster smoothie recipe for guests who want something to help them unwind without the booze. 


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Looking to offer some chips and dips but want to cut down on the calories? Check out these cauliflower nacho chips and assorted dip recipes from Dr. Travis Stork's "Lose Your Belly Diet." 

Undecided on what style of burger to serve? Try this simple Pinto Bean-Beet Burger courtesy of America's Test Kitchen, chickpea veggie burger,  Hawaiian chicken burger recipe, or you can always opt for a classic burger. 

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Need a healthy dessert? Check out this twist on pizza.