Is Cheating a Symptom of Pregnancy?

Playing Does Cheating Occur More during Pregnancy?

It seems like every other day there is a story of a celebrity cheating on his pregnant wife! The Doctors are joined by psychiatrist expert Dr. Ish Major to discuss if pregnancy poses a greater risk for cheating. 

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Women who are pregnant may experience diminished sexual desire during their third trimester and some men may feel conflicting emotions of elation and envy. However, Dr. Ish says "Cheating is a symptom of a bad relationship. If he cheats when you're pregnant he probably cheats when you're not pregnant."

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares the statistic that 10% of fathers-to-be cheat on their parents during pregnancy. Dr. Ish thinks cheating is higher across the board and that it does spike during this time. He believes part of it may be neanderthal thinking "First she skinny, now she not, me no like" he jokingly explains. 

Intimacy is more than just sex and Dr. Ish thinks this needs to be understood before these problems arise in a relationship. He thinks a pregnant couple, early on, should have a conversation about both of their needs and wants. 

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Dr. Ish also believes some men get fearful about fatherhood and cheating is their form of self-sabotage. 

For women during this time, they are going through obvious changes, and it's emotional. Dr. Ish says it's the husband's job to remind their partners that they are the most beautiful women they've ever seen!

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