Celebrity Trainer Strengthens Your Body and Spirit!

Playing Strengthen Spirit and Body at the Same Time?

Celebrity fitness trainer and author of “Seven Sundays,” Alec Penix, joins The Doctors to share his belief that a spiritual component of your overall health is just as important as a physical one. In his book, Alec leads readers on a 43-day journey that includes not only exercise, diet and nutrition, but also, exercises to strengthen your spirit.

Alec says he has readers go out into their communities and contribute in a bigger way. By asking the reader to do a spiritual exercise Alec says it “brings us to deeper introspection of who we are, to bring the awareness of the emotional wounds we’ve been dealing with to strengthen those.” 

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Alec promotes charitable work and says the quickest way to get out of depression is to give back. Doing so puts us into a state of gratitude and makes people reexamine their own problems when able to contrast with the problems of those truly in need.

Alec shares as a child diagnosed with a learning disability he was often bullied. This gave him a poor self-image where he felt unworthy, yet one day when he found god, he was able to break free of that old identity and start creating a new one for himself.

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Alec says in his program there are six pillars of promise, broken into two elements. The spiritual one consists of conceding, honoring and offering. The physical element includes sleep, nutrition and exercise. You can read his book for the full program, but for a peek at some calorie-burning exercises you can start doing today, check out the video below!

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