Celebrity Spiritual Advisor Shaman Durek’s Tips on Improving Your Peace and Happiness

Playing Achieve Inner Peace and Happiness from Home?

Shaman Durek is the spiritual advisor to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow but today he joins The Doctors to share with viewers how they can get to a better spiritual place all on their own.

Tip #1: Remove yourself from the static.
Shaman Durek explains that we are so tuned in with our emotions to all that is going on with our family, friends, people in society, our coworkers… all of it is creating so much stress on the body. That stress raises cortisol levels which we know can create a lot of anxiety. We feel responsible for everyone’s energy. Shaman Durek says to focus more on yourself and to start putting that energy on yourself. Stop people pleasing. Ask yourself what you want and how you are feeling.

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Tip #2: Don't take everything on.
Shaman Durek says a lot of times people jump in to take on other’s problems without realizing they weren’t given permission to take those on. He says to ask questions of others. “Can I be there for you at this time?” 

Tip #3: Socialize beyond your family.
Create that space when you socialize beyond your family and socialize in your community. Shaman Durek says he always talks to his Uber drivers and hears about their lives. It’s actually been proven scientifically that we can lead longer lives when we socialize outside of our family and build a stronger connection.

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Tip #4: Use redirection.
If someone is being negative, try to redirect them to speak about something positive. Acknowledge their comments but says, “I hear that, but what is working?” Using this technique gets others to realize how they are thinking. Being consciously aware of what you’re talking about and also redirecting people gives them a greater place to create more positive energy in their life.

Tip #5: Hack your spirit.
Shaman Durek explains our bodies have a sense of everything going on around them and they pick up on energy. Shaman created spirit hacking as a way to communicate with your own body. Check out the video below to see how it’s done!

Bonus Tip: Use this morning ritual.
Before you jump into your daily grind, Shaman Durek advises people to go outside, take some deep breaths, and speak these positive words to themselves. Start by saying “Every time I walk into a room I light up a room. Things are always falling into my lap easily. I always bring joy wherever I go. I love how I’m always feeling good and feeling optimum health in my body.” By speaking this way to yourself, you are actually creating who you are.