Celebrity At-Home Hacks… or Are They Wacks?!

Playing Egg Whites for Burns and Cold Milk Baths – Hack or Wack?

If a celebrity promotes a DIY hack many will follow. The Doctors are here to determine if these hacks are actually worth following or if they are completely wack!

Kourtney Kardashian shares a special concoction she uses to treat burns—toothpaste and egg whites! On social media, Kourtney shows herself applying this to her leg after she spilled hot tea on it. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says sadly, this is wack!

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Dr. Batra explains burns create a doorway for potential bacteria and infections and putting egg whites, which are raw, on that skin could introduce bacteria and lead to a true infection. Additionally, toothpaste is not made for the skin and there are a number of chemicals in it that can be super irritating. So, forget this combo if you have a burn. Instead, run the burn under cold water, don’t try to pop any blisters, and cover it with petroleum jelly and nonstick gauze or paper tape to keep the burn protected.

How about this one from Mariah Carey? It was reported that she bathed in only mineral water but when asked she said that’s false. She bathes in cold milk! It may seem strange, but Dr. Batra says this is a hack! Milk baths date back to the time of Cleopatra. 

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Milk contains a great source of natural fruit acid, alpha hydroxy lactic acid, which can act as a gentle exfoliant as well as help to smooth the skin. There are also natural oils in milk, especially in full-fat versions, which will also make the skin feel soft. 

While Mariah Carey may be able to afford gallon upon gallon of milk to fill up her tub, what can the average person do to reap these benefits? Dr. Batra says you can add just about 2-3 cups of milk to the bath and it doesn’t have to be cold! 

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