Cardi B Reveals Feelings about Dating Apps

Playing Cardi B on Dating Apps

Before Cardi B was was one of the biggest names in music -- and before she was engaged -- The Doctors chatted with the rapper about dating apps, and she was happy to share her original and candid take about going online to meet people.

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The Doctors asked Cardi if she would ever use an app to meet a man?

"I don't think so, because they might kill you," she said with a laugh. She shared that she once saw a guy on social media site who she thought was "fine." But when she met up with him, she says he did not live up to his profile.

"When I met him, he was ugly... he was like really ugly," she said.

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But what about an app used to meet friends?

"I feel like if you can't find friends in real life, then you're just lame... you might meet a weirdo," she adds.

During the interview, Cardi told us that ultimately when it comes to meeting people, she prefers to "meet them in real life."