Carbi B's Period-Stopping Cocktail Debunked!

Playing Cardi B Created a Period-Stopping Cocktail?

Cardi B claims she stopped her period by drinking a cocktail made with ibuprofen and gelatin and The Doctors set the record straight on whether a period can be delayed.

OB/GYN Dr. Jen Gunter says "That can't affect your period at all...there's no way that ibuprofen or gelatin is going to stop [a period]."

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Dr. Gunter notes there is no medical need to stop a period for sex and if someone is looking to address a heavy menstrual flow, birth control pills, a hormonal IUD, or a birth control implant or shot would be a better and more effective way to address it.   

As for when someone should be concerned about too heavy of a flow, Dr. Gunter says if a woman is soaking through the menstrual products regularly or having to change a product more than every 2 hours, there could be a concern and she suggest seeing your doctor about it.

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The Doctors also note a period is a natural, reproductive and biological process of the female body -- and they urge viewers to get their gynecological information from their OB/GYN, and not from a celebrity.

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