Canker Sores – How to Avoid Getting Them

Playing How to Avoid Canker Sores!

Are you plagued by reoccurring canker sores? The Doctors are joined by dentist Dr. Desiree Yazdan to discuss what might be causing these painful mouth sores and what can be done to avoid them.

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Dr. Yazdan says to check the toothpaste you are using for the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which she says is a cleansing agent that is added to make toothpaste thicker. She says it can be an irritant to some and can cause problems in the lining of your mouth.

What about certain foods and other external factors? Dr. Yazdan notes that certain spicy foods and acidic foods like tomatoes can cause an ulcer in the mouth, as well as stress.

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But if you do develop a canker sore, do not fret. Dr. Yazdan says they usually clear in 5 to 7 days.