Is a Cancer Vaccine Close?

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Playing Are We Close to a Cancer Vaccine?

The Doctors welcome oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro to discuss the findings of a new cancer treatment study from Stanford University which reportedly wiped out all the tumors in a group of mice using immune stimulating agents.

The hope is that this research could possibly lead to a cancer vaccine. A trial with 15 people with low-grade lymphoma is the next step in the research.

Watch: Cancer Vaccine Trial Starting on Patients

Dr. Piro explains that we are learning about techniques which will possibly empower the body’s T cells to identify cancer in the body and fight it. He says that researchers also saw treated T cells attack other tumors in the body as well, which he notes is very promising.

“This has the possibility of dramatically reducing the cost,” Dr. Piro says, explaining that in America cancer drugs cost 32 billion dollars annually. “That gives us not only hope for patients but also hope for society.”

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork calls this research “the most fascinating and exciting development” that The Doctors have discussed in our 10 seasons. “This is essentially giving your body the tools it needs to defeat cancer,” he adds, noting this could be a “potential game-changer” in treating cancer.

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