Can Your Relationship with Food Be Improved?

Playing What’s Your Relationship with Food?

The Doctors welcome registered dietitian Shira Lenchewski, the author of “The Food Therapist,” to help examine our relationships with food.

She explains that she wrote the book to help her clients better understand why they were making their food choices. She feels we tend to analyze our personal and romantic relationships a great deal, but many of us never stop to look at how we relate to what we eat.

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Some obstacles she suggests to be mindful of when it comes to food, include:

Dependence issues: She explains that for many, we are socialized at a very young age to equate rewards with food and we often take that approach in adulthood and self-soothe with comfort food. She recommends having non-food rewards in place that you can access like a massage or a pedicure or even something as simple as taking a soothing and relaxing bath, instead of rewarding yourself with indulgent food.

The Pleaser Trap: Shira says often when dining with someone else we tend to mirror what they are eating, which might lead to a less-than-healthy choice. She suggests going online to view menus ahead of time and to plan what you might order to avoid making a poor choice. She also suggests ordering first which might help you avoid being swayed.

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Hot-And-Cold Pattern: Another obstacle to be aware of is eating in an all or nothing pattern. For instance, if you have pizza, some people will throw caution out the window and eat 5 pieces of pizza, and then possibly feel that all is lost when it comes to your healthy eating plan.