Can You Pass This Smart Shopper Quiz?

Playing How to Become a Power Shopper with ‘The Krazy Coupon Lady’ Joanie Demer

The Krazy Coupon Lady Joanie Demer joins The Doctors with some tips every smart shopper needs to know! Can you pass her quiz she gave to The Doctors? Find out below!

Which of the following two items should you never buy new?
A. Books
B. Cookware
C. Sporting goods
D. Bike helmets
D. Vacuums

Answer: A & C. Joanie says you can find books at great prices not only on Amazon but also on and As for sporting gear, children often switch sports as well as grow out of things, both great reasons to buy the gear used. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes this comes with the caveat that you should not purchase used helmets or protective gear because if they have undergone a crash they will no longer be effective.

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Which of the following two items should you buy in bulk?
A. Toilet paper
B. Spices
C. Sunscreen
D. Eggs
F. Butter

Answer: A & F. If you buy butter at the wholesale clubs you can buy in bulk and pay a fraction of the price per pound. You can put the excess butter in the freezer where it will last for a year. Joanie says toilet paper is one of the trickiest things to save on because the unit pricing is all over the place. The only way to know if you are saving is to look at the price per square foot. On Joanie’s website they say two cents or less is the target price for toilet paper but if you don’t mind paying for a store brand, at wholesale clubs you can find toilet paper for one cent per square foot, which is a one-fifth of what you would normally pay at the supermarket.

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Which two items should you always buy online?
A. Pet food
B. Diapers
C. Makeup
D. Perfume
E. Designer bags

Answer: A & B. Both of these products work best when you use auto reorder when shopping online. You can find a great deal on pet food online and if you sign up for auto reorder at sites like Petco, Chewy and PetSmart they all will offer 15-20% discounts. Diapers are the number one item that Krazy Coupon Lady users want to save on and she says the best way is to order them through Amazon Prime. Prime members can get 20% off diapers at all times, even on sale prices, when they subscribe to five or more items per month. The Krazy Coupon Lady app can also send you deal alerts with coupons to stack with those sales creating really great deals and diaper boxes online.

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