Can You Look Into the Future to See What Avoiding SPF Could Do to Your Face?

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares that less than 30% of women use sunscreen on their face on a regular basis. Morgan is one such woman who admits to avoiding sunscreen. She avoids sunscreen because her skin gets oily in the summer.

Using Olay Future You, the new advanced simulation algorithm, Olay's principal scientist, Dr. Frauke Neuser, and Dr. Holly Philips give Morgan a glimpse into her skin's future using this groundbreaking innovation! It's based on images of thousands of women of all ages and skin types so it allows them to predict how a woman's skin will age. 

Morgan has always avoided sunscreen because of its greasiness on her oily skin in the summer, but is now becoming increasingly concerned with protecting her skin and her skin’s health. On top of that, Dr. Holly shares that forgoing a moisturizer or SPF, which many women with oily skin do, can actually make the skin even oilier! "From a wellness perspective, wearing an SPF can be an important action that we take for ourselves," Dr. Holly adds.

Dr. Frauke Neuser shares some potential issues Morgan might run into if she continues to skip SPF. "Even when the sun isn't out, the amount of daily UV exposure is enough to not only affect your skin's health but is also the number one cause of visible skin aging - think uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, and the loss of firmness."

Dr. Frauke Neuser then shows Morgan, using Olay's Future You Technology, what Olay predicts her face will look like in ten years if she follows the average aging curve for her age and ethnicity. Morgan is not thrilled by the result! Dr. Frauke Neuser then shows her a photo of what Olay predicts her skin could look like in ten years if she did everything right, including using daily SPF, which is much better! Dr. Holly points out there are clear consequences for not protecting your skin and women of all skin tones should be conscious of this.

To see your future skin, visit and pick the "Future You" experience to learn more about your skin and find the SPF product choice that work best for you and your skin type. Your future skin can look just as good, or even better, than your present skin! 

So how can Morgan overcome her dislike of the feel of sunscreen on her face? Dr. Frauke Neuser recommends adding Olay Regenerist Whip moisturizer with SPF 25 to her daily routine. It's specifically designed to absorb immediately and not leave residue on the skin. Find it at Walgreens store or at

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