Can You Boost Your Butt with Fitness Pants?

Playing Fitness Pants That Boost Your Butt?

Could your butt get a boost from the type of fitness pants you wear? The Doctors check out 3 types of exercise pants that reportedly might help to accentuate your assets.

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Scrunch back leggings: These pants have a gathering of fabric in the butt area that is meant to draw the eye to your rear, which The Doctors say they feel is an effective way for your backside to get some attention. 

Heart-shaped workout pants: These leggings create that often sought after shape with the use of a heart design. Upon seeing the unique design, Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says, "I like that one," explaining these pants can achieve the illusion of a heart-shaped butt for much less than the cost of surgery.

Contrast pants: The Doctors explain that this design also helps to draw the eye to the butt with the use of contrasting colors and its pattern.

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In addition to workout gear that might improve the appearance of your rear, The Doctors also examine whether gym clothes that claim to keep gym stink at bay are effective or not. Find out more below!