Can You Be Genetically Predisposed to Partying Hard?

Playing Is Ozzy Osbourne Genetically Predisposed to Party?

Is it possible for someone to be genetically programmed to party more than others? The Doctors discuss if our genes determine our destiny?

One example of someone's genetic makeup allowing them to live a life of excess is rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, who DNA experts say is genetically programmed to survive a life of hard-partying.

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Author Bill Sullivan, who wrote “Pleased To Meet Me,” explains the rocker's genetic makeup predisposes him to drug and alcohol addiction, which allows him to consume them in large quantities. Bill feels addiction and substance abuse is linked more to someone's DNA and not someone's moral fiber. 

Bill says Ozzy’s genome makes him a remarkable specimen in terms of his genes and says his genetics have allowed him to survive a life of hard drugs and alcohol use and come out mostly unscathed and still rocking. He goes on to explain that scientists believe the rocker star’s genetic makeup allows his liver to process alcohol much more effectively than the average person.

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The author also explains that many people who are prone to drug and alcohol use have a hyperactive brain and often seek out alcohol to calm the brain down. 

Find out what Bill discovered about someone’s genetic makeup plays a role in whether they might commit violent crimes and even possibly kill, in the video below.


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