Can Water Bottles Help to Firm and Plump Your Skin?

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Playing Firm-Up Skin with Water Bottles?!

Is it possible to get plumper and firmer skin with plastic water bottles? The Doctors examine an unconventional cupping technique.

Instagram user and beauty blogger mercedesbensssz posted a video where she is seen applying two water bottles on her face and squeezing to create a suction effect. The blogger says to move the bottles in an upward motion to affect circulation.

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Testing out the technique with two water bottles pressed to her face, OB/GYN, Dr. Nita Landry says, "This does not feel effective... it's just a little bit of suction."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that cupping, which is used by many athletes, can stimulate the lymphatics and circulation. He says when done too long, that it can break blood vessels. He adds, "There are far better ways to treat your skin."

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The Doctors' takeaway: cupping plastic water bottles will probably not create any major or lasting changes to your skin.