Can Turmeric and Papaya Stop Facial Hair Growth?

Playing Will Turmeric and Papayas Stop Facial Hair Growth?

Unwanted facial hair is a pesky nuisance for many, and The Doctors are weighing in on a popular viral claim that a spice and fruit mixture can limit hair growth. Is this a beauty hack or hairy wack?

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Numerous beauty bloggers claim a face mask made from papaya and turmeric will stop hair growth. But before you begin mixing up this concoction, plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon labels this claim as "wack" and suggests you might be better off eating these items than putting them on your face!

"This is not going to do anything to your hair follicles," he says, noting the proven hair removal techniques include electrolysis and laser treatments.

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The Doctors also note that unexpected and new hair growth may be a result of an underlying medical condition and urge anyone experiencing this issue to speak with their medical provider. Also in the video above, find out what The Doctors think about the claim that turmeric can help whiten teeth.



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