Can These Three Women Get Their Perfect Booty in Just Eight Weeks?

Playing Is Your Dream Booty Possible in 8 Weeks?

The Doctors found three women who all are looking to improve their booty. Jessica says she’s flat as a board and is dying to tone and sculpt. Alina says she was curvy before she got pregnant but now nothing fits her right! Savannah says she worked out profusely before her wedding but now that she’s married she gained all this weight and needs a fast and effective workout. Andrea Speir is the woman who plans to get their booties in shape!

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Andrea is the owner of Speir Pilates and says her workout combines classic Pilates with a modern fusion. They use a Pilates reformer machine but also a mat to incorporate high-intensity interval training which Andrea says makes it fun because the body never plateaus. 

Andrea says consistency is key to changing your body and these three women are going to test that out. They will be working with Andrea for the next eight weeks, for five days a week. 

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra asks Andrea if she has any at-home exercises that viewers could try out. Andrea demonstrates the clamshell. In this move, you lie on one side of your body and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. You then lift your heels up like a mermaid tail and from there, the top knee lifts up and down. Andrea says this move wraps around to tighten the hip and glute area. Additionally, it helps to support the lower back.

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The Doctors are excited to see how this test works out especially since it's just using good old-fashioned exercise, not surgery or any special devices. Stay tuned to see the women’s results!