Can Spices Support Joint Comfort and Flexibility?

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Playing Can Spices Help Joint Discomfort?

Spices have been used for centuries for their taste as well as their nutritional properties. One such spice you'll most likely recognize from curry, turmeric, can also be beneficial to your health. Orthopedic surgeon and Move Free spokesperson, Dr. Chris Potts, is a huge fan and shares why! "Turmeric has shown promise for its ability to support both joint comfort and flexibility," says Dr. Potts.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry explains what happens in your body when you experience joint discomfort or a loss of mobility. Joints are where the bones in the body meet, and there is cartilage at the end of those bones to help you move by allowing the bones to comfortably glide over one another. As we age, the cartilage can begin to break down, and when it does, your bones can rub together, causing discomfort. 

Dr. Potts adds joint discomfort is not the same for everyone or just a result of age. Even someone as young as 18 years old can experience it. The effects can also differ from person to person; a loss in mobility can be mildly irritating to some but more impactful for others. It can also go away after a few weeks or it may last for several weeks or months.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes being overweight is another factor in joint discomfort. High-impact activities and certain professions can also put a strain on your joints. Shari joins The Doctors because she worries her job as a hairdresser has affected her joints.

Shari says she has developed some discomfort in her hands and knees from spending hours on her feet. She now works as a sales representative and would like to be more physically active, yet when she tried CrossFit, which she loved, she had to quit because of the discomfort. Furthermore, snow skiing is on her bucket list, but she worries joint discomfort won't allow her to enjoy it. She doesn't want this to slow her down!

Her concern is common; millions of people suffer from joint discomfort. One way to handle it is to work with a physical therapist who can strengthen muscles around the joint and may help improve range of motion. Yoga and stretching are also ideal and they can help maintain bone strength and increase flexibility. And why did Dr. Potts bring up turmeric earlier?

Turmeric can be helpful in supporting flexibility and mobility, but simply adding it to your diet is often not enough. "You can add as much turmeric to your diet as you want but I'm not sure it's possible to add enough to really help joint discomfort," says Dr. Potts. For this reason, he recommends a dietary supplement, one that contains the right blend of ingredients proven to help support joint health.

Dr. Potts likes Move Free Ultra Turmeric and Tamarind because it has a proprietary blend of naturally sourced turmeric root and tamarind seed backed by research in clinical studies. It supports a normal health inflammatory response to situations like physical exertion and it's clinically proven to deliver joint comfort in as little as 14 days. Yes, one tiny pill can do all of that!

As always, The Doctors recommend talking to your doctor before starting any supplements. 

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