Can Soda-Addicted Woman Save Her Smile?

Playing Woman Rotted Her Smile with 6-Can-a-Day Soda Addiction

Leatha has been drinking soda every day for 30 years and it has taken a major toll on her smile.

"My teeth are rotting out. They are falling out, they're missing, and I need it to change," she tells The Doctors, sharing that she starts her day with coffee and then has "soda all day." She estimates she drinks anywhere from 5 to 6 soda every day.

She tells us her dental issues have become worse over the past few years and she is constantly experiencing pain in her teeth and jawbone. Her dental issues are now affecting her sleep, her ability to chew and causing her earaches.

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"I used to have a beautiful smile and now I don't," she tells us, saying she wishes she had known how bad soda can be for your teeth. She feels drinking soda is an addiction for her and tells us when she attempted to stop, she got headaches and felt lightheaded.

Dentist Dr. Sean Mohtashami says this is a common issue for many of his patients and feels soda consumption is on the rise, especially among teenagers and children. He explains soda is particularly bad for the teeth due to the acidity wearing away tooth enamel and the sugar creating a place for bacteria to grow. Once the enamel is worn down this can lead to developing cavities and also sensitivity. If this is not treated early on, sometimes the only option is the removal of the teeth.

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Leatha says her teeth have gotten so bad, that she is now on a soft food diet, but admits to continuing to drink soda. She also reveals she smokes but is in the process of quitting.

If Leatha promises that she will give up soda once and for all, Dr. Mohtashami agrees to give her a complete smile makeover at no charge to her. “You will have the Hollywood smile that you have always wanted,” he tells her. An emotional Leatha says, “It would mean the world to me,” adding that she is ready to give up smoking and soda and is looking forward to starting the next chapter in her life with a whole new smile.


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