Can This Product Give You That Perfect Tan?

Playing Streak-Free Sunless Tanner Put to The Test!

The Doctors often talk about protecting your skin from the sun but what if you just need that sun-streaked glow? Adonia Organics has a sunless tanner that promises instant, streak-free results. The Doctors had two testers, Eden and Kelsey, try out the product and share their results.

Both girls really liked it! They said it smelled like strawberry cream when they first put it on. The smell changed a bit after but it doesn’t have that terrible smell like so many of the other products Kelsey has tried. Kelsey can tell that she is definitely less pale and hopes that after a few hours it will develop to the color she wants it to be. 

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Since the key is to give it a bit of time for the oil to settle to get the full effect, The Doctors had one more guest try it out the night before. Joy joins The Doctors and she too is a fan! Joy has tried many products before and says this one didn’t leave her bedsheets stained and it leaves a natural look.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon agrees that many products leave an unnatural, orange shade, but not this one. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry reminds viewers that the product doesn’t contain sunscreen so to still use it to protect their skin. 

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Dr. Ordon offers some self-tan tips. He says prior to using the product, people should wash their skin thoroughly. He says to avoid exfoliating before or immediately after. Ready to bronze? You can find the Adonia product here

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