Can Over-The-Counter Medications Treat Pain Just as Well as Opioids?

Playing Do Over-the-Counter Pain Pills Work as Well as Opioids?

Is less actually more when it comes to medicine and how to deal with pain?

The Doctors welcome Josh Breeden and Tony Breeden from b+b, a company which helps to manage your pain while also giving back, to discuss a recent study of 416 emergency room patients with various pain issues. In the study, half of the people received over-the-counter pain meds and the other half were given opioids. The study reportedly found that both groups had nearly the same amount of relief 2 hours later, despite the difference in their medications.

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The Doctors note that many people cannot even afford over-the-counter medications, and Josh and Tony say their company is helping with that issue. For every product that is bought from their company, they donate a product of theirs to a person in need at over 1000 free clinics across the country.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry, who has worked in many free clinics, says she has met many patients unable to afford over-the-counter medications and commends the company's work to help relieve people's pain without the use of a narcotic and at no charge to them.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds, "When it comes to medicine, always the lowest possible effective dose for what you're treating." For more information on b+b, visit