Can This New Device Both Heat and Cool You Off?

Playing Device to Heat and Cool You on Demand?

When The Doctors heard about a new device claiming to act as a personal thermostat to both warm and cool you, they had to give a shot! A few of The Doctors staffers tested it out. Taylor and Emily hoped it would replace their in-office blankets and jackets, and for Terry, who runs hot, her fans!

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The device looks like a watch that attaches to the wrist and rests against your pulse. The staffers wore it for three days and join The Doctors in the studio to share their results!

Emily was the biggest fan saying while it was not a miracle thermostat, and she still had to wear her jacket, it helped give her a boost of warmth. She compares it to the feel of hand warmers. Taylor wanted to like it more but found the initial warmth didn't help enough and she still had to wear a blanket and drink warm beverages.

Did the device cool down Terry, who suffers from hot flashes, and would love a good solution? Sadly, no. "I still need a bucket of ice!" Terry says.

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If the price point was lower, Emily says she would buy it, but at $300, it's not worth the cost!

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