Can Music Help Fight Your Next Flu?

Playing Drs. Rx: Fight the Flu with Music?

Your next flu could be helped by listening to music!

The Doctors discuss research which found listening to uplifting dance music or jazz increases antibodies in the listener's body that may help the immune system fight the infection. The research found that listening to just 50 minutes of music helped increase the levels of antibodies. Additionally, the music helped to decrease the stress hormone cortisol in the participants.

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In addition to getting the flu shot -- which The CDC recommends for all people 6-months-of-age and older -- other practical precautions that can be taken to avoid getting the flu are frequent handwashing with soap and water, the use of sanitizing hand gel when soap and water are not available, covering your mouth when coughing, avoiding close contact with sick people, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

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The power of music is not limited to just possibly fighting the flu. The panel also notes that music has been shown to stimulate the brain in developing babies and people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


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