Can A Lozenge Stop Your Sugar Cravings?

Playing A Lozenge That Stops Sugar Cravings?

The Doctors put a lozenge that claims to stop sugar cravings to the test. Jennifer, Kaitlyn, Lillian and Lindsey, four self-proclaimed sugar addicts, all used the lozenges for a week. Did it work? The testers joined The Doctors to share their results.

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Lillian says, “I liked the initial taste but it reminded me of cough drops because it numbed my mouth which really bugged me. But it also distracted me from wanting anything sweet. So it did work but only for about 30 minutes. I would catch myself eating chocolate again after an hour, so it’s a temporary aid but definitely not long term.”

Jennifer says, “Well it didn’t exactly work as described. It didn’t take away the initial sugariness. But it did take away the sweetness afterward. So it dulled the sweetness once you stopped eating the sweet treat. It didn’t make me want to eat an entire cake. Just half.”

Lindsey says, “To be honest it didn’t work for me at all. I was really hopeful but after having the lozenge everything tasted just as sweet and I still found myself reaching for sweet things at 10 PM at night.”

Kaitlyn says, “In general it didn’t really stop my cravings. But as soon as I would pop the lozenge in my mouth, it completely masked the flavor of the sugar. So at that point, I wouldn’t keep indulging because it didn’t taste as good. I tried my favorite candy and it was disgusting, so it worked in that way for me.”

After the testers share their results plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon surprises them with a twist! Only two of the testers, Lillian and Kaitlyn, actually tasted the real Sweet Defeat lozenge, while Jennifer and Lindsey had a placebo! The Doctors found that their small study correlated that those who had the real lozenge saw some results! OBG/YN Dr. Nita Landry also gave the Sweet Defeat lozenge a try and after sucking on it, didn’t want another bite of the chocolate cake or candies in front of her!

Gymnema is the active ingredient in the lozenges. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares a small 2017 study found that people who used gymnema acid actually consumed 44% less sweets.

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The Doctors say the bottom line is Americans are consuming more sugar than ever and we need to retrain our taste buds. They recommend retraining yourself by eating more protein and becoming aware of the hidden sugars that are added to everything. Check out this list of the various names of sugars you need to know that may be hidden in your foods.